Meet Us

Meet Us, Erin Terwilliger-Bennington & Beatrice Cornthwaite

(better skip the last names, they are way too long!)

For starters, we are two great friends that are passionate for animals, children and our families. We love to have fun together and to help one another and others too. Both of us have two kiddos, each who love to get involved in anything Unicorn and creative. Our husbands are happy to be dragged along for the wild ride.

Erin is a keen competitive western rider and former cancer nurse. Her young son loves everything animal related and his baby sister is not far behind. Beatrice is a world traveler and trained zoologist with two animal crazy teen daughters. She worked numerous years as a trained preschool teacher and loves doing creative things with all children.

We love being creative and wanting to express your own personality in whatever you do. When planning events or family photographs we fully understand the complexity of translating your dreams into reality. We have, in many cases, lived it! So let us help you in the adventure!