Our Unicorns

Meet London, our petite Real Unicorn

London stands only 41 inches at the shoulder. She has lots of personality with her faint freckles and a fun toss of the head. This petite Unicorn is trained to bow, hug, lay down, and will trot right into your heart with her sweetness.



London is a qualified therapy creature, who has been trained to visit and give comfort to friends. When she is entering closed venues she can wear a special Unicorn diaper. An experienced handler, who comes with London, is ready to assist you at any given moment. To suit your event, London can wear different, authentic, decorations, such as a flower headdress or colorful ribbons.


Sir Lancelot, our majestic Real Unicorn

Sir Lancelot is a little taller than London, at 57 inches at the shoulder. His charm will melt your heart. In whichever adventure you choose, he will stand calmly by your side.

He is fully trained and offers the option for the bride to ride astride or side saddle to meet the groom of her dreams. To help you on your magical day, Sir Lancelot comes with an experienced handler. Just like London, Sir Lancelot can wear flowers or other decorations to suit your event.